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For the Love of the Science

One of the core principles in physical training is Individuality.  You won't find any generic plans here.  Summit Multisport provides personalized, scientific evaluation to more accurately guide your training.  State of the art devices are used to conduct body measures specific to you. That's right! Your heart, your lungs, your muscles, your body are yours and different from your friend, your spouse, and your training partner.  You change too...season to season, year to year (i.e. big event, time off, injury, baby, new job, you name it!). Our testing can help you make sense of your body. With deeper insight, decision making becomes smarter and goals are more attainable. Are you ready?

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Lactate Testing

Most athletes know we have two physical systems -  aerobic (everyone's favorite) & anaerobic.  Without Lactate testing, you can only guess what type and how much training you need to reach your goals.  Stop guessing and start training smarter.

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Body Composition Assessment

Our state of the art Body Composition Analyzer provides you clinical grade insight into your lean muscle mass, fat mass, body fat percentage as well as segmental limb analysis to identify muscle imbalance.


Endurance Coaching

With your Lactate numbers, Summit Multisport will create a training plan to take your from where you are today to your goals for this season and beyond.

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