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What is an InBody Composition Test?

The InBody 270 body composition scan is a state of the art body composition analyzer. This device provides an individual with their body weight in muscle, fat, and water; separates these values for each arm, each leg, and the trunk; and compares your results to normative values. Attendees can test in their normal attire and not worry about being poked or prodded. You stand on the device with feet and hands touching the electrodes. Two currents that you don't feel scan your body for 45 seconds. This device has been validated against the industry gold standard, DEXA.

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Body Composition Assessment

Our state of the art Body Composition Analyzer provides you clinical grade insight into your lean muscle mass, fat mass, body fat percentage as well as segmental limb analysis to identify muscle imbalance.


What if you could offer a fun corporate wellness challenge to your employees by incorporating the state of the art, portable, InBody Device for quick, precise body composition analysis. We have created a “Biggest Loser” style workplace competition that can be achieved with a healthy approach when the winner is the individual with the most improved body composition as opposed to the individual who has the largest change in scale weight.


We come to you and your employees for testing. We can test up to 12 employees per hour using InBody. Muscle gained and fat lost can be summed to track body composition improvements. Additionally, drastic changes in water weight can be taken into consideration, i.e. eliminating drinking large quantities of water to win the contest prize.


Corporate wellness challenges have revealed that the male and female winners with most improved body composition are different from the male and female winners of most improved scale weight.


Engage your employees in a fun, friendly, healthy, work event.

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