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Making the most of small sacrifices

I was fortunate enough to make time to work out last night. I got in a swim and lift (did you know you lose 1% muscle mass every year after 40). It was good for me mentally, physically, and will hopefully pay off come April - I'm hoping to be the old guy at Collegiate Nationals. But it almost didn't happen.

It was one of those days you want to work out, but you almost don't because it's so easy not to. I "finished" work (there is always more we can do) just after the wife and kid got home. I could have left right away and made it home before bath time. But I procrastinated, which I do a lot of - sometimes to the detriment of meaningful work. My procrastination this time was mostly because I really enjoy playing football in the family room, and trains, and cars, or Lincoln Logs. The more we played, the harder it was to leave. I wanted to work out, but it was easy not to.

Michelle made dinner, as she always does to keep our home functioning smoothly, and it was a natural break to duck out. I didn't get to eat with them. I didn't get to enjoy the rest of the "best night", to score one more touchdown, to read one more book, get a cup of milk, or other procrastination ploy before lights out. But I left to take one small step closer to a goal.

I'm incredibly lucky to have all the things that enable me to workout (health & a supportive spouse top the list). And while I'm incredibly grateful for all of them, reflecting on them reminded me that I need to keep reaching because of them. The good life doesn't stay good unless you work at it.

Yesterday was a good day because I worked out. It was a good day because it made me reflect on why I do what I do. But mostly it was good because I took a step in the right direction rather than no step at all. Achieving a goal doesn't happen overnight. It doesn't always happen in weeks or months. Sometimes, if the goal is big enough, it doesn't happen over several years. But you must attempt to take steps every day to reach your goal. And sometimes that means giving up the good stuff, even the easy stuff, to take just one step closer to your goal. Consistency is king.

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